gestational diabetes
Friday, April 27, 2007
  Yoga exercises for pregnant women with gestational diabetic
Gestational diabetes will mostly occur in women during pregnancy but it is only a temporary condition and will go away after the women give birth to her baby. Gestational diabetes can be pass from the mother to the child as both the mother and the child might had high risk in developing diabetes but do not worried as after the child is born, both the mother and the child will go back to their original health.

Diet and exercises is the main issued to women who develops gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Women who has gestational diabetes needs to reduce her consumption of carbohydrates. The woman with gestational diabetes would never eat pasta and corn at the same meal.Such restrictions have been clearly depicted in the food pyramid for the gestational diabetic. Light exercises such as yoga is the best recomment to pregnant women and women with gestational diabetic.


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