gestational diabetes
Sunday, December 03, 2006
  Gestational diabetes a temporary diabetes
Gestational diabetes is a temporary cause that occurs during pregnancy and affects less then five percentage of all pregnancies. Both mother and child involves will have high risk of getting gestational diabetes during pregnancies but after the child is born it will go away.

Pregnant women who have high blood sugar during pregnancy will have risk of getting gestational diabetes even she does not had diabetes during her first pregnancy. Risk for Developing Gestational Diabetes. Pregnant women who had family history of diabetes, age above thirty, previous pregnancy with gestational diabetes, above nine pounds baby deliver during last pregnancy and previous miscarriage.

The cause of gestational diabetes is the hormones from the placenta that help the baby to grows and the hormones also block the action of the mother's insulin in her body and is called insulin resistance. Pregnant women may need up to three times as much insulin use. With insulin resistance it will makes it difficult for the mother's body to use insulin. Without enough insulin make hard for the glucose to leave the blood and cause to energy and glucose build to high blood level.
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