gestational diabetes
Monday, June 18, 2007
  Gestational diabetes affects only on pregnant women
Gestational diabetes affects only on pregnant women as this form of diabetes exists in the pregnant where most of the pregnant women have never been diagnoise with diabetes before. But this kinds of gestational diabetes will go away once the baby is born from the mother. It is best advice for the mother to consult their doctors during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes problems started when the hormones interfere in the mother’s ability to produce insulin. Its started during pregnancy time when the foetus thats provided with all its nutrition through the mother placenta and gives off hormones that are necessary for the baby to develop correctly in the womb. This kinds of gestational diabetes are very commom to most women when their are about twenty to twenty five weeks of pregnancy.


At first, your blood sugar level may rise so slowly that you may not know that anything is wrong. One-third of all people who have diabetes do not know that they have the disease. If you do have Type 2 Diabetes Symptom, they may include: Feeling thirsty. Having to urinate more than usual, Feeling more hungry than usual, Losing weight without trying to.
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