gestational diabetes
Thursday, March 22, 2007
  Women with gestational diabetes have plenty of insulin
Women with gestational diabetes have plenty of insulin. The problem is that the insulin is partly blocked by hormones made in the placenta. This is called insulin resistance. In women without gestational diabetes, the pancreas makes enough insulin to overcome the insulin resistance. But when the pancreas makes all the insulin it can and it still cannot overcome the effect of the placenta's hormones, that woman has gestational diabetes.

Caring for gestational diabetes is a strict diet and a careful control of blood sugar levels in the mother immediately after the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.
Diagnosed of gestational diabetes is always done by the doctor during the 24th week to 26th week of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes will mostly goes away in several weeks after the baby is born and your doctor will ask you to take a blood test after two month times of your deliverly to comfrimed whether you still have gestational diabetes


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