gestational diabetes
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
  Gestational Diabetes is found in women who is on pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes is found in women who is on pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes occurs when the blood glucose is too high which is bad for the baby or even the mother who is pregnant. But healthy diet and nutrition can prevent gestational diabetes in mother. Most gestational diabetes are women who is overweight when pregnant, parent or sister who suffer gestational diabetes when pregnant and women who is above the age of thirty or older when pregnant.

Gestational diabetes
are check by doctor or health care person on your glucose level. The doctor will advise you to fast a night before or eight hours before taking the glucose test. If you are having average or high risk of gestational diabetes, you will request to check your blood sugar again between 24 and 28 weeks of your pregnancy. If gestational diabetes if not checked it will cause problem like breathing problems, baby will born over weight and the baby suffer low blood glucose right after birth.


That is horrible to have. It also depends on how healthy our diet is.

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