gestational diabetes
Thursday, June 19, 2008
  Gestational diabetes usually develops during the second trimester
Gestational diabetes only occurs when the women is pregnant and this types of gestational diabetes will go away when the women give birth to her child. During pregnancy time the sugar level will go up and will return to normal soon after delivery. Taking good care during pregnancy time by eating healthy, regularly exercises and taking medication can manage your high blood sugar level to ensure a Gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes usually develops during the second trimester and sometimes as early as the 20th week, but often not until later in the pregnancy. During pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones to sustain your pregnancy. These hormones make your cells more resistant to insulin. As your placenta grows larger in the second and third trimesters, it secretes more of these hormones making it even harder for insulin to do its job. Most of the symptoms are excessive thirst and increased in urination.


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women who plan their pregnancy and handle to sustain especially good glucose levels control levels pre-pregnancy, have an increased possibility of experiencing a balanced having a baby and providing a balanced baby.
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